Thursday, 10 October 2013

Everything in its place!

I've been so busy recently that I've not really had the time to put things away and my poor workshop was starting to look like a hurricane had swept through it... so today I took it upon myself to give it a good clean up and put things away where they should be...
All of my lovely jars are now filled with goodies again ready to be used, and our cutely named 'twiggy corner' is all tidy and well stocked. 

My wonderful painting rack is one of the most useful things in my workshop, each tray holds our painted wooden shapes to let them dry safely and cleanly... 

 and even my ribbons have had a bit of a tidy up... this, I have to admit, is only a small few of them though... I will have to tackle the rest of my ribbon collection another day when I am feeling brave!.
All in all, its been so worthwhile as I can now find stuff again and see exactly what stock I have.
We'll see how long it stays like this.... I'm guessing not long as the orders are piling in and that means that there's lots of work to do!!.
Nicki. xx

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