Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Website / Etsy / Folksy

The main outlet for my business has always been my own website 

but I do also have a shop on Etsy which I find is a really good selling platform. 

Etsy is so easy to use and all the postage costs are worked out for sending items all over the world - which we are more than happy to do!.  

I also buy a lot of lovely items from fellow suppliers on Etsy as there are some really talented and unique goodies on there...

I love to make one-off items like home decorations or special gifts which I may not be able to replicate and so cannot add them to my website but that's where Etsy is perfect and it means that customers are also getting a truly unique item. 

I have also recently opened a shop on Folksy which is all a bit new to me but I'm going to be listing a few items on there now too.

Nicki. xx

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