Friday, 27 June 2014

Social Media

Spring and Summer are always our busiest time and this year is certainly no exception, in fact I think it has been busier this year than last which is fabulous for my little business.  

When running your own little business mainly online, which mine is, social media is an absolute must but that in itself can prove to be a full time occupation!.

I read an article the other day which said that you should update the status on your facebook page a minimum of 8 times a day to keep you in the news feed and then there's twitter and linkedin and google+ and.... well the list is endless but you have to keep updating and posting on them all to keep your business in the public eye.

I still find it very exciting to have a new 'liker' or 'follower' on any of my pages and I really love to interact with my customers, fellow crafters and small business owners, some of who through social media alone have become great friends.  I also really enjoy some of the comments and conversations that I have on twitter and facebook.   As well as marketing they are a great place to chat about ordinary every day things and if you need any help there is always someone who is willing to lend a virtual hand.  

So I will be continuing to post as much as I can (maybe not 8 times a day!!) and if you would like to join in then it would be great to welcome you so click the hearts below and come and say Hi...


Then there's my Blog, sometimes I just don't find the time to update it as often as I should.

So with that in mind here is a little selection of some the goodies that our lovely customers have ordered from me this week and with each one designed and hand made entirely by me you can see why I am kept so busy!!.

Nicki. xx 

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