Friday, 15 April 2016

It's Time For A Change...

I have been feeling the need for a change within my little business for a while now and whilst I have loved every minute of making and personalising all of your wedding and special occasion gifts over the last 8 years I am afraid that I have a slight problem in that my wrists haven't!. I've had a lot of trouble with my wrists since breaking them when I was young and going from 14 years of typing in my previous job to handwriting anything up to 150 wooden hearts a day for the past 8 years it has really started to take it's toll.  So this left me with a very difficult dilemma, either to close the business down, or restructure it. 

I love my business so much that closing it down simply wasn’t an option but this has given me the perfect opportunity for me to change direction slightly.  

I certainly didn't want to cut out making altogether as I really enjoy it and so whilst I will continue to make some of our most popular items, our range has been cut down greatly.  From now on I will be focusing a little more on my passion for interiors and have been busily sourcing some gorgeous home decorations and gifts from select suppliers around the UK to add to our collection.   This will hopefully help give my wrists a well earned rest from excessive amounts of handwriting as well as being able to offer my lovely customers some new and different goodies.   It also gives me the perfect excuse to shop so it’s a win-win situation!!!

I hope you'll stick with us as we have some fabulous new items and ideas coming along over the next few months as well as a lot of stock and craft items to get rid of so there will be a massive SALE announcement very soon too!!. 

Thanks so much for your time in reading this very long post.


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