Friday, 26 April 2013

Pretty in Pink

Pink is such a pretty colour and is one of the most popular spring / summer colours for a wedding in one shade or another...

Pink is such a versatile colour it can be used with most other colours and it will look fabulous.  Mix it with lilacs or pastel blues and greens for a soft dreamy effect, pink and grey is always a popular choice or hot pink and navy creates a gorgeous striking theme. 
I love it when simply used with white or ivory and I especially love pink mixed with kraft brown for a soft romantic rustic look...


I have to admit when I was younger I didn't like pink at all and used to refused to wear it!!. As I have gotten older though I can honestly say that pink is now one of my favourite colours and I use it in my designs and in my home and I also wear it all the time!!. 
and my favourite flower?... well lets just say that whilst I am writing this post I have a bunch of roses sat on my windowsill... guess what colour they are??...

I hope you've enjoyed a look at one of my favourite colours.
Nicki. xx

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