Thursday, 25 September 2014

Blogging Difficulties!

Does anyone else struggle with their Blog from time to time?

I set up this Blog to go alongside my business but I find that I sometimes struggle to find the time to update it and to find enough interesting things to write about or I forget to take photos of things when I'm out and about and therefore have nothing to post!!.

However, today, I have decided to do something about it and have been reading lots of useful info on Blogging.

A good business related Blog, apparently, is a great marketing tool for a small company but while it is supposed to reflect your business it also needs to reflect you.  Letting readers know a little bit more about what is behind the scenes (ie. me!!) too is a good way for potential customers to relate to you, to see how and where you work and to see how your products are created as well as small snippets of what you do in your spare time (if you ever have any!!).

How much or how little you wish to share on your Blog is up to you of course!!. 

So with this in mind I have given my Blog an overhaul and have made a little pact with myself to keep it up to date with hopefully some interesting posts that you will enjoy reading and can comment and join in with.

Nicki. xx 

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