Wednesday, 24 September 2014

DIY Invitations

If you are thinking of making your own wedding or party invitations but not quite sure where to start then it couldn't be easier with our printed message cards.

 Any of our handmade cards can easily be turned into your own unique wedding or party invitations as they are all blank inside and it will only take a few simple steps to turn them into your own unique invitation...

1.  Purchase any of our lovely handmade cards from

2.  Print the wording you require in your invitation onto any paper you wish.

3.  Measure and mark the size of the card onto the paper and then for a truly lovely rustic effect I think tearing the edges looks wonderful....

4.  Glue the paper into your card and add any little finishing touches you may wish to and then...

5.  ...Voila!!... You very own unique invitations.

These cards along with many other designs are available to order at  We can also customise them to suit any occasion.

Nicki. xx

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